Handyman Services For Seniors and People With Disabilities

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Affordable Handyman Services, Customized to Your Schedule

GoGoGrandparent realizes you want to stay independent at home, but there’s still a great deal of work to keep it running and comfortable. We make it easier with the most requested handyman help for seniors that lets you have the best of both worlds. With GoGo, you have convenience and security at your fingertips, as we vet handyman services and manage your handyman for seniors requests.

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Types of Handyman Services for Seniors GoGo Can Refer To You:

Frequently Asked Questions About Handyman Services For Seniors With GoGo

What kinds of handyman services can you refer me to?

GoGo can find you a trusted provider with all kinds of handyman projects (indoors and outdoors) whether you need general repairs like plumbing and electrical or updating your home as you get older, such as installing anti-slip flooring and ramps. We'll handle the groundwork and provide budget-friendly options nearby.

What if I don’t see a service listed? Can GoGo still connect me?

Yes! Just give us a call and we'll take care of the rest. We’ll be glad to investigate it for you. The good news is that our research can be helpful to our other customers if they're looking for the unlisted service too.

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What To Expect From Handyman Home Service for Seniors With GoGo

Staying independent as a senior can be tough especially when your home needs a bit of work to keep it comfortable and safe. While you can easily handle some of these “handyman” projects on your own, some things on your to-do list need extra assistance. That’s why our customers love GoGo. They appreciate that all you have to do is call, and we’ll match you or a loved one with a reliable and experienced handyman right away. Trust us to connect you with reliable service providers for all your home improvement needs, from minor jobs (lightbulb changes, indoor /outdoor painting, and mirror/picture hanging) to major projects needed as you get older (grab bar installation, ramp installation, and countertop height remodeling).

How does it work? Call GoGo at 1 (855) 464-6872 and Press 0. You’ll quickly get in touch with a live operator with whom you can discuss your handyman services for seniors' requests. Please provide us with your timeline for completing the project, the address for the service, your budget range, and whether this will be a one-time or ongoing request.  Meanwhile, GoGo works behind the scenes on your behalf. We'll take care of all the important tasks, from researching and vetting providers to getting estimates based on your budget to running background checks on qualified referrals. Finally, we will follow up on everything we’ve collected and help you decide on who’s best for your needs.

Don’t worry! If you don’t see a service listed, call us and ask. For any handyman home services you need, call  1 (855) 464-6872. GoGo will look into your special request. It may already be part of our wide range of services, including rides for seniors, meal delivery for seniors, groceries for seniors, and more.

Our GoGoGuardian System

Guaranteed Quality For Handyman Home Service for Seniors With GoGo

Our GoGoGuardian system safeguards the quality and reliability of your handyman home services with GoGo. This is thanks to a few audits we make:


GoGo verifies the correct address for the service.
We ask for all the information to best match you with a service provider, including exactly what you expect and when you need it done.
We also confirm whether your request is one-time or recurring.


GoGo interviews only the most qualified candidates.
We also manage all background checks for you.
You are matched with a service provider.


GoGo gather any additional details and priorities regarding your request.
Count on a fast follow-up to inform you of all your service provider choices and any details specific to you.
Please expect a 24 to 48-hour lead time as we do everything behind the scenes to identify the pros best for your project.


Gogo will keep you appraised throughout the process of cost estimates and how your service provider will charge you.
For your safety and comfort, we can remain on the phone while your handyman services for seniors provider works in your home.
We’re always just a phone call away to provide outstanding customer support when you need it!