Grocery Delivery for Seniors and People With Disabilities

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Groceries Conveniently Delivered Right To Your Door

GoGo can help you organize your shopping list and have your groceries delivered to your door, on-demand or on a schedule. GoGo partners with grocery stores across the United States. Behind the scenes, our GoGoGuardians are tracking your order, communicating with your shopper, and keeping you informed about your delivery time. We can even save your shopping lists for next time, saving you more time!

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How To Place a Grocery Order With GoGo:

Step 1: First, get your shopping list ready! If needed, we can help you think through some alternative items, in case your first choice items is not available.

Step 2:  Call us toll-free at 1 (855) 464-6872 and Press 8 to be connected to our grocery team, or email your list to [email protected]. We’ll save your specific delivery instructions for future orders.

Step 3: Tell us if you want to order right away (deliveries are usually within 3 hours), or if you would like to save or schedule your order for later.

Step 4: We will send you a message when your groceries are on the way!

Frequently Asked Questions About Groceries With GoGo

Can I schedule my grocery deliveries ahead of time?
Yes! If you have a preferred schedule, call or email us and we can set up a standing order for you. This is especially helpful if you're ordering groceries on behalf of someone else.

Can I tip my delivery person?
Of course! Tipping is encouraged and can be done when you place your order on the phone, or in cash when the driver drops off your delivery.

What happens if an item in my grocery order is not available at the store?
We recommend that you share with us replacement items or alternative brands. This allows the shopper to select your next best option in case something is out of stock. We’ll save your preferences for next time!

I have a SNAP/EBT Benefits card. Can I use it to buy groceries with GoGoGrandparent?
GoGo now accepts SNAP for groceries in 43 states. For more information, email [email protected]

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What To Expect From Groceries With GoGo

If you’ve never had groceries delivered before or your ordering groceries for seniors or people with disabilities, you may have some questions or want to imagine what the experience will be like. With GoGo, just give us a call at 1 (855) 464-6872 and Press 8. Our friendly grocery operators will answer the call and help you place your order from many participating grocery stores and services like, Instacart, Walmart and so many more.

First, have your shopping list handy. Our operators will help you think through alternative items as a back-up. We can read through item descriptions for you, share the costs of each item, and verify the quantity you’d like of each item. Before your order is placed, we’ll review all the items in your cart. After we place your order, operators will provide you with an ETA of your grocery delivery and share all of the drop-off instructions with the driver.

Request groceries for seniors or groceries for people with disabilities by calling GoGo--without a smartphone or app. Behind the scenes, we’re communicating to your delivery person and keeping you informed throughout the process. You’ll receive your groceries at your door, and we’ll save your lists for future orders! We can help you make different shopping lists for different occasions, and save them for you for next time, making it easier, faster and nicer for you.

Remember that with GoGo, we are a one-stop shop. With just one call to 1 (855) 464-6872, you get access to all of our services, like rides for seniors, meal delivery for seniors, prescriptions for seniors, and home services for seniors.

Our GoGoGuardian System

Quality Assurance For Groceries With GoGo

Our GoGoGuardian system improves the reliability and quality of your grocery order with GoGo. Here are a few checks we run through:


Would the GoGo customer like the grocery order delivered to their home or elsewhere?
Are there specific instructions the driver should know about this drop-off address?
Does the customer want to pay using their existing GoGo Gift Credits, their primary card or another card on file?


We message you with confirmation and the ETA of your grocery delivery
We reach out to your shopper about your order and delivery instructions.
We keep you in the loop if there are any ETA changes.


Does the customer know what grocery store they would like to order from, or do they need to know about options in their area?
We make sure your back-up options match your preferences and are communicated clearly.
Confirm with the customer the items, quantities and cost of the items in the cart before placing the order.


If you are missing anything from your order, we advocate for you to either replace the item the same day, or refund you the item.
We will communicate with you about your new ETA for your delivery or the status of a question or refund.


What GoGo Customers Say About Groceries With GoGo;

“I just want to say how happy and appreciative I am for GoGo’s grocery service. I got my groceries 1 hour after it was placed! I’m super satisfied.”

-Glennis, 67, a GoGo customer

“GoGo’s grocery service is a God-send. I appreciate the operators for being so patient and always going the extra mile for me.”

-Jane, 75, a GoGo customer

“I’m really grateful for the support and conversation with GoGo. You’ve really helped me with my grocery and ride needs. My warmest appreciation to the company and GoGo  team!

-Leslie, 79, a GoGo customer