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GoGo is Part of Your Care Team!

For hundreds of thousands of customers, GoGo acts as a digital caregiver, arranging rides, meals, groceries and more families and individuals have turned to GoGoGrandparent to postpone moving into retirement communities or hiring 24/7 caregiving teams.










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Are you overpaying for caregiving services?

Assisted Living and caregiving services can be expensive.

Using GoGo's services can be significantly cheaper.

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Security + Peace of Mind

Notifications about your loved one’s trip, sent to your phone
Guardrails can be set up to put safety controls on services
GoGoGuardians monitors your loved one’s rides and requests

Convenience + Flexibility

Book services on your love one’s behalf
Schedule rides and our pharmacy pick-up services with our Family Dashboard

your life on the go awaits:

What We Do

Call 1 (855) 464 - 6872, and request rides, groceries, medications, home chores and more on speed dial. No apps- and easy to use with a phone call on your own!

Access services 24/7 from partners like Uber, Doordash, and Instacart, reliably with or without a smartphone.

We screen drivers and restaurants to improve safety and reliability, and we screen out large or small vehicles, manage pickups & driver GPS for “Best in Class” experiences that meet your needs.

Our trained concierge team is available by phone to help put doctor's visits, medication delivery, and other life errands on autopilot.

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what Family Members say

It has been such a welcome and helpful service for my mother! She has been so pleased with all of the drivers and they have been so very helpful.

- Molly, a family member

It was a lifesaver for us. My father-in-law stopped driving after his first ride with GoGo Grandparent. You were able to satisfy his needs for getting out to go to his office.

- Ronnie, a family member

“GogoGrandparent has really helped my mom maintain a level of independence that wouldn’t be possible without this service. It also gives me the peace of mind of knowing that she can get around safely.”

-Deborah, a family member