Lyft Rides With GoGo for Seniors and People With Disabilities

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On-Demand Lyft Rides With A Phone Call

Lyft rides with GoGo are convenient and reliable, and you don’t need a smartphone to use us. With GoGo, you’ve got options: You can request a ride with an operator, our phone menu, or our online dashboard.

Behind the scenes, our GoGoGuardians are monitoring your Lyft requests and matching you with the best Lyft driver on the road at that time to meet your needs--from interviewing drivers to screening vehicle sizes and much more.

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How To Order Lyft Rides Near You With GoGo:

Step 1: Call us at 1 (855) 464-6872. Listen to the menu and press the digit that is right for you.
For example:
          Press 1 to get picked up at home.
          Press 2 to get picked up where you were dropped off.
          Press 6 to speak to an operator.

Step 2: As a driver accepts your request, you’ll hear their name, car color, make/model, license plate, and estimated time of arrival.

Step 3: Once your ride is on the way, keep your phone handy, the ringer all the way up, and the line free. You’ll get a call when your driver is near.

Step 4: If you need to speak with your driver, call us and Press 3 anytime.

Examples of Home Service Providers GoGo Can Connect You To:


Furniture Assemblers



Snow Shovelers

Pet Sitters


Dog Walkers

Hair stylists

Frequently Asked Questions About Lyft Rides With GoGo

Who are the drivers?
We work with Lyft drivers to ensure that you can get affordable, convenient rides. Your trips are protected by Lyft's insurance policies from when you get matched with a driver until you arrive at your destination. We increase access and reliability of rideshare options by advocating for your preferences, screening drivers and vehicles, and communicating details to you and your loved ones.

Can I bring my walker or wheelchair?
Yes. If you use an assistive device, speak to an operator before requesting your ride. You are expected to get into the car without assistance from the driver.

When can I call an operator?
Operators are available 24/7 to give quotes, schedule rides and answer any questions. Just call us at (855) 464-6872 and Press 0.

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what our customers say

“Using GoGo and calling their number is easier for me than using the Lyft app. I can dial it automatically. I don’t need to punch in where I’m going. It’s efficient, and much more accurate than cab.

-Dennis, 63, a GoGo customer

“It was great for me to use GoGo when I needed to get to and from the airport. I didn’t have to worry about installing the Lyft app. I just called the phone number, spoke to a real person, and my ride arrived.

-Elizabeth, 80, a GoGo customer

“I thank you for giving me back a bit of my freedom with this transportation option. It is comforting to know that I have another source for mobility around town. Thank you.”

-Karen, a GoGo customer