House Cleaning Service For Seniors and People With Disabilities

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Affordable and Flexible Cleaning Service For Any Budget and Schedule

GoGoGrandparent removes the stress and worry of finding safe and reliable house cleaning for seniors. We vet providers and manage your requests while you hang onto your independence at home. No matter your household needs, GoGo matches you to trained professionals that get the job done and keeps your house tidy.

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Types of Home Cleaning Services for Seniors GoGo Can Refer To You:

Frequently Asked Questions About GoGo’s Home Cleaning For Seniors

What cleaning service for senior providers can GoGo refer to me to?

From cleaning bathrooms to throwing the trash, GoGo has pooled caring and conscientious cleaning service pros to help you. You’ll never have to take chances they’re not available or affordable. We’ve done the homework, so rest assured, our providers are in your neighborhood and within your budget.

What if I need a cleaning service not listed above? Can you help?

Yes! Rest assured, if you’re searching for a specific service not covered above, there’s a good chance other customers need it too. Call us and GoGo will take the guesswork out of getting the right home cleaning service for you.

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What To Expect From Home Cleaning Service For Seniors With GoGo

GoGoGrandparent understands the importance of keeping your house clean while saving time, money, and your independence. Whether it's a regular task like light housekeeping and taking out the trash or a special project like organizing and decluttering your closet and deep cleaning, you can depend on us when you need some help. Our customers consider us friends they can rely on because they can count on hands-on personal service whether it's for them or their loved ones. If you don’t see a particular cleaning service, ask. We can probably connect you with a provider no matter how small like changing linens or how big like keeping your hallways, stairs, walkways, and doorways free of clutter. We’ll be happy to match you with the ideal home cleaning service provider who can work with your availability and budget.

Here’s how it works! Call GoGo at 1 (855) 464-6872 and Press 0. A live operator will speak with you about your home cleaning service request. Simply share with us: 1) your timeline for finishing the project, 2) the home address for the service, 3) your price range, and 4) whether it will be a one-time or ongoing job. Afterward, GoGo works non-stop to research and vet home service providers on your behalf. We will then share all the information you need to decide which of our candidates is ideal for you.

Still deciding if GoGo can help you with your particular task? Just ask. We’ll do the rest. For all your day-to-day needs, call 1 (855) 464-6872. We’ll connect you to home cleaning services for seniors and more, including groceries for seniors, meal delivery for seniors, and rides for seniors.

Our GoGoGuardian System

5-Star Guarantee For Home Cleaning Service For Seniors With GoGo

Our GoGoGuardian system ensures you can trust in the high quality and reliability of your cleaning services with GoGo. Here are some checks we run:


GoGo will verify the address for the service.
We’ll gather data about the service you’re searching for and your timeline.
We’ll confirm if it will be an ongoing job or a one-time request.


GoGo is responsible for interviewing the candidates.
We’ll also conduct all background checks.
We’ll match you with the perfect service provider based on your requirements.


GoGo will gather any additional information, or preferences, needed for your request.
We’ll notify you of the response time for your specific home cleaning service for seniors and other options.
We typically need 24 to 48 hours of lead time to get the professionals best for you.


Customers are continuously updated on the cost and billing of the service.
At your convenience, you can request GoGo stay on the phone while the service provider is at your home.
Our commitment is to provide excellent customer support, with open lines ready to assist.